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Making your goals _________ will help you achieve them.
a) Accomplish
b) Values
c) Specific
d) Character

The addition of one risk factor to another, increasing the chance of harm or loss, is _________________.
a) Risk
b) Cumulative risk
c) Abilities
d) All of the above

The way a person thinks, feels, and acts is called their ______________.
a) Accomplish
b) Risk
c) Cumulative risk
d) Character

The chance of harm or loss is a ____________
a) Risk
b) Abilities
c) Long term goal
d) Values

________ are beliefs you feel strongly about that help guide the way you live.
a) Likely
b) Character
c) Cumulative risk
d) Values

_________ influences are factors that affect your actions and decisions that come within you.
a) External
b) Internal
c) Habit
d) Refusal skills

_____________ health relates to how you feel about yourself.
a) Mental
b) Social
c) Emotional
d) Physical

The combination of physical, mental, social, and emotional health is called ___________.
a) Internal
b) Health
c) Wellness
d) Communication

You can encourage other people to live healthy lives by practicing ____________.
a) Advocacy
b) Refusal skills
c) Prevention
d) Physical

The clear exchange of ideas and information is called ______________.
a) Internal
b) Communication
c) Mental
d) Physical

__________ means keeping something from happening.
a) Habit
b) Advocacy
c) Internal
d) Prevention

Eating nutritious foods is an example of good ______________ health.
a) physical
b) mental
c) Emotional
d) Social

A ___________ is a pattern of behavior that you follow almost without thinking.
a) prevention
b) refusal skills
c) habit
d) advocacy

Going on the internet to find out tips to lose weight is an example of this health skill.
a) Stress management
b) Refusal skills
c) Accessing information
d) Goal setting

Limiting yourself to only one can a pop a week is an example of this health skill.
a) Practicing healthful behaviors
b) Stress management
c) Communication skills
d) All of the above

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