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What is not a negative effect that drugs and alcohol can have on a person?
a) Poor grades
b) Suspension
c) Trouble with law
d) None of the above

What are some effects of smokeless tobacco?
a) More popular
b) Increased heart rate
c) Yellow teeth
d) Both B and C

What are the factors that influence alcohol's effect on a person?
a) Size of the person
b) Food consumption
c) Tolerance
d) All of the above

Long term effects of tobacco include which of the following?
a) Cirrhosis of the liver
b) Slurred speech and impaired vision
c) Heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic bronchitis
d) All of the above

A physical or psychological dependence on a drug.
a) Tolerance
b) Binge drinking
c) Intoxication
d) Addiction

Why is the use of chewing tobacco increasing in the US?
a) More women have started using chew
b) Increased smoking restriction in restaurants, work sites, bars, and schools
c) It can help athletic performance
d) It is more expensive than cigarettes

A condition in which liver tissue is replaced with useless scar tissue is called
a) Cirrhosis
b) Fetal alcohol syndrome
c) Fatty liver
d) Alcoholic hepatitis

Emphysema, nicotine, tar, and carcinogen all refer to this drug.
a) Heroin
b) Methamphetamine
c) Tobacco
d) None of the above

Saying no, walking away, giving a reason, or making up an excuse are all examples of:
a) Athletic skills
b) Drinking skills
c) Refusal skills
d) All of the above

Date rape awareness tips include:
a) Keeping your drink in your hand at all times.
b) Watch the person make your drink.
c) Always go places with another person.
d) All of the above

This drug is used intravenously, is a narcotic, comes from the opium plant, and is very addicting.
a) Heroin
b) Majiuana
c) Cocaine
d) Alcohol

This drug is normally used by snorting it, increases heart rate, and very addicting? It also is considered the most powerful stimulant drug.
a) Marijuana
b) Methamphetamine
c) Crack
d) LSD

Lack of coordination, dry mouth, increased appetite, and short term memory loss are symptoms of this drug.
a) Heroin
b) LSD
c) PCP
d) Marijuana

A strong, sometimes fatal reaction to taking a large amount of a drug.
a) Overdose
b) Psychological addiction
c) Side effects
d) Paranoia

These drugs are from the opium plant that are obtainable only by prescription which relieve pain.
a) Depressant
b) Hallucinogen
c) Stimulant
d) Narcotic

Drugs that alter moods, thoughts, and sense perceptions, including vision, hearing, smell, and touch.
a) Stimulant
b) Depressant
c) Narcotic
d) Hallucinogen

Tobacco, methamphetamine, cocaine, and crack are this type of drug.
a) Hallucinogen
b) Narcotic
c) Stimulant
d) Depressant

Alcohol, rohypnol, tranquilizers, and barbiturates are which type of drug.
a) Stimulant
b) Depressant
c) Narcotic
d) Hallucinogen

What is the main ingredient in marijuana?
a) THC
b) PCP
c) DXM
d) HPV

GHB, ketamine, and rohypnol are considered these types of drugs.
a) Stimulants
b) Depressants
c) Hallucinogens
d) Narcotics

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