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Because students are responding to commands with physical movement, it is _________ to document their progress.
a) very difficult
b) semi difficult
c) hard
d) easy

Instructional sequence is . . .
a) choosing vocabulary for your powerpoint
b) choosing background music for your TPR
c) choosing spelling patterns
d) choosing movements for TPR

Always start with _______________ to introduce new commands?
a) visuals
b) explanations
c) demonstrations
d) tests

After students have practiced the commands, drop the ______________ and encourage them to respond physically.
a) demonstration
b) vocabulary
c) explanation
d) words

________________ is used as the main component in this approach?
a) talking
b) writing
c) speaking
d) vocabulary

How many commands/demonstrations are introduced at first?
a) one
b) five
c) two or three
d) ten

Studens are to?
a) follow and work independently.
b) follow and talk.
c) follow and respond.
d) follow and write.

___________ is the teachers role in this approach.
a) visualizer
b) demonstrator
c) talker
d) explainer

Students using this approach are more successful in . . .
a) listening comprehension
b) reading comprehension
c) math comprehension
d) social studies comprehension

The cognitive process of language acquistition is synchronized with and partially facilitated by?
a) movements of the legs
b) movements of the arms
c) movements of the body
d) movements of the head

This approach can also be used for teaching more advanced students what?
a) Auto/computer games and board games.
b) Auto/computer repair and board games.
c) Auto/computer games and board games.
d) Auto/computer repair and complex games.

This approach was used in thousands of classrooms with children and adults . . .
a) learning many languages including sign language.
b) learning Spanish.
c) learning Chinese.
d) learning many languages.

Who originated the stress-free approach?
a) Steven Krashen
b) Donald Trumph
c) Dr. James J. Asher
d) Elmo

This strategy is based on the premise that . . .
a) the human brain is a program that acquires a natural language.
b) the human brain is a biological program that acquires a second language.
c) the human brain is a biological program for acquiring any natural language.
d) the human brain is a program that acquires many languages.

An advantage to this approach is?
a) hard and boring
b) fun and easy
c) difficult to follow
d) engaging and long

A disadvantage to this approach is . . .
a) it's mainly for English speakers
b) it's for advanced students
c) it's for all students
d) it's mainly for beginner students

Whis approach have you just learned?
a) TPR-Total Physical Response
b) Silent-Way
c) Audio-Lingual
d) Calla

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