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Silent Way was created by ____ in the 70's
a) Caleb Gattegno
b) Georgi Lozanov
c) Michael O'Malley
d) Uhl Chamot

True or False: The teacher says a single action or word and demonstrates the action
a) True
b) False

What is Silent way also known as?
a) Sheltered English
b) No talking
c) Building - block approach
d) Suggestions

What will the silent way method sound like?
a) The student remains silent while the teacher talks
b) The teacher stays silent most of the time and just facilitates
c) The classroom environment is silent at all times
d) The student reads materials to learn English

What tool does the silent way commonly use?
a) Books
b) Hand puppets
c) Multiplication Charts
d) Cuisenaire Rods

True or False: Problem-solving is central to learning in the Silent Way method
a) True
b) False

What is one advantage of the Silent Way?
a) Students become comfortable correcting each other
b) It requires learners to make generalizations and come to their own conclusions
c) Students play more than one role, ex. teacher, student, problem solver.
d) All of the above

What is one disadvantage of the Silent Way?
a) It is difficult to take the method beyond the basics of the language
b) Teachers forget to remain silent
c) Students remain silent always
d) No real learning happens

True of False: The Silent Way method would meet the needs of all of our ELLs
a) True
b) False

What is the student's Role in Silent Way?
a) Look and listen
b) Be independent and responsible
c) Both of the answers above
d) None of these apply

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