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Why was Beezus worried about the party?
a) they might have dancing
b) she didn't have anything to bring
c) she didn't have a new outfit
d) she didn't want to stay up late

What makes Ramona think about her dad getting older?
a) he is getting gray hair
b) he is going bald
c) he has trouble getting up
d) he can't keep up with Ramona

What example does Mr. Quimby use to tell Ramona how to do her book report?
a) a political speech
b) how Beezus gave hers
c) a commericial
d) by watching her her favorite sitcom

What does Ramona make for her and her friends to wear during the book report?
a) paws
b) aprons
c) signs that hand around their necks
d) cat masks

What makes Ramona get off track during her book report?
a) Looking at Yard Ape
b) Mrs. Whaley frowning at her
c) Sara and Janet keep meowing
d) She can't find her notes

What does Ramona say at the end of her book report?
a) If you want to know what happens read the book.
b) I can't believe I read the whole thing.
c) Read this book or I will punch you in the nose.
d) I did not like this book.

What was the name of the book Ramona gave a book report over?
a) Where the Red Fern Growns
b) The Left-Behind Cat
c) The Crazy Cat
d) Hatchet

What does Mrs. Whaley say about calling Ramona a nuisance?
a) Mrs. Larson was a nuisance for calling her down.
b) Yard Ape was a nuisance for starting the fad.
c) She was talking about getting the egg out of her hair.
d) She said Ramona was a nuisance for getting egg in her hair.

What makes Ramona feel brave enough to talk to Mrs. Whaley?
a) All the students are in the room.
b) Her parents are both there with her.
c) She is behind a mask.
d) Mrs. Whaley said she gave the best book report in the whole class.

How does Ramona feel after finally talking with Mrs. Whaley?
a) worse
b) better
c) she hates her
d) blames everything on Yard Ape

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