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What does Yard Ape say he will do if Ramona doesn't get well?
a) punch her in the nose
b) take her seat
c) call her a name
d) eat her earser

Who stays home with Ramona?
a) dad
b) mom
c) Mrs. Kemp
d) she stays by herself

What is on the cartoon that Ramona's dad draws?
a) Snoopy
b) a cat
c) Ramona and Car
d) Ramona throwing up

What is wrong with the car?
a) transmission
b) motor
c) brakes
d) steering rod

How does Mrs. Quimby know Ramona is feeling better?
a) she wants to go back to school
b) she is cranky
c) she wants to watch televison
d) she eats all her lunch

Why is Ramona still mad at Mrs. Whaley?
a) she gave her lots of homwork
b) she favors Yard Ape
c) she called her a nuisance
d) she made her do a cursive Q

Why is Ramona disappointed when her dad gets home?
a) He tells he to be nice to Willa Jean next time.
b) He tells her she has to go to school tomorrow.
c) He doesn't bring the car home.
d) He doesn't bring her a present.

What makes Ramona mad about the cat food commercial?
a) the cat is ugly
b) The cat is silent while eating the food
c) Picky -Picky doesn't like the food
d) a dog chases the cat

What is Ramona's homework?
a) book report
b) Math
c) DEAR reading
d) cursive

What does Ramona like best about television?
a) cartoons
b) commericials
c) adventure shows
d) soap operas

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