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What was wrong with the car?
a) it would not go in reverse
b) it would not run
c) it would not go forward
d) the doors would not open

How does Ramona leave school when she is sick?
a) bus
b) taxi
c) walk
d) borrow a car

What awful thing does Ramona do in class?
a) talk back to Mrs. Whaley
b) go to sleep
c) throw up
d) leave the run without permission

What does Ramona call herself after being sick?
a) egghead
b) superfoot
c) deviled egghead
d) supernuisance

What drink does Mrs. Quimby give Ramona to help her feel better?
a) orange juice
b) Sprite
c) coke
d) milk

Why does the driver of the cab give Ramona a doubtful look?
a) she looks like she can't pay
b) he was waiting for someone else
c) he thinks she is going to get sick
d) she was being loud

What in her classroom does Ramona not want to look at when she is feeling sick?
a) white oatmeal
b) the lunchboxes
c) the other kids
d) the blue oatmeal

What do the other students do when Ramona gets sick?
a) hold their nose and leave
b) stand up and point and laugh
c) yell at her
d) cry

What does Ramona do when waiting in the office?
a) help Mrs. Larson
b) tell the principal how Mrs. Whaley is mean
c) fall asleep on the cot
d) call her mom

What word best describes how Ramona feels about being sick at school?
a) happy
b) hateful
c) mad
d) embarrssed

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