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what is the difference between a glossary and an index ?
a) glossary=gives definition and index = gives you pg #'s
b) index=gives definition and glossary = gives you pg #'s
c) glossary=gives definition and index = give you chapter
d) they are the same

What is the purpose of special type?
a) Draws your eye to important information
b) To tell you more about the subject
c) To make something look nice
d) It has no purpose

What is the purpose of a subheading?
a) A sentence or phrase that informs about the subject before you begin reading
b) Second of the heading
c) Goes on top of the title
d) None of those

What does chronological order mean?
a) Chrono=time- organized by dates, times, or specific events
b) Organizing something by steps/instructions
c) Next, later, then, finally
d) It means nothing; this question makes no sense.

Sequencing is...
a) Organizing something by steps or instructions
b) Organizing by time
c) Uses the following words: first, second, third, last, in the end
d) A comparison between two things

What is cause and effect?
a) Cause= Something happens, effect= its consequence
b) Cause= a consequence, effect= something happens
c) Uses I will...........
d) None of these

If you are contrasting two things, they are
a) Saying differences, using words like: However, but, In contrast...
b) Saying similarities, using words like: Likewise, similarly...
c) Both things are the same
d) Both things are different, but equal

If you are comparing two things, they are
a) Similar, and use words like: Likewise, similarly...
b) Similar, and use words like: However, In contrast, unlike, but...
c) Different, and use words like: However, In contrast, unlike, but...
d) Different, and use words like: Likewise, similarly...

What does a photograph do for a nonfiction piece of text?
a) Displays a picture of the subject, gives more insight
b) A description
c) Displays how something happens or occurs
d) None of those

Identify types of FICTION
a) Poetry, novels, myths, fables, short stories
b) Magazines
c) Biography (talking about someone's life... Someone else has written this)
d) Autobiography (talking about your life, written by YOU!)

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