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what is a concrete poem?
a) a poem that looks like its subject
b) poetry that always looks like a person
c) poetry that always rhymes
d) short Japanese poems

What is a line break?
a) a line break separates one line from the next
b) a line that breaks
c) it is a line that rhymes at the beginning
d) it is a collection of lines

A limerick has THIS rhyme scheme

free Verse
a) - they don't have a set rhythm, rhyme scheme , or stanzas
b) -they have a set rhythm, rhyme scheme , or stanzas
c) - they have a set of rhyme or stanzas
d) - look like their subject

Haikus have how many syllables per line?
a) 5-7-5
b) 7-7-5-5-7
c) 7-5-7
d) 1-7-2-7-1

Which of the following is NOT a simile?
a) My face is a blank piece of paper
b) My face is white like paper
c) My face is as pale as white paper
d) I do not have a face, just like paper!

Which of the following is NOT an onomatopoeia?
a) Hello!
b) Boom!
c) Crash!
d) Meow!

What is the difference between the speaker and the author?
a) we see the poem from the speaker's point view or perspective. but the author writes the poem
b) the author writes the poem, but the speaker reads the poem.
c) the author reads the poem , but the speaker wrote the poem
d) they are the same thing

what is imagery ??
a) imagery is a sensory language to describe
b) a poem that is a picture of its subject
c) an image of the the poem
d) a picture to help understanding

Which of the following IS and example of personification?
a) The tennis ball jumps around the field
b) The tennis ball goes very high!
c) The tennis ball is green like grass.
d) The tennis ball is as big as an elephant

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