Ramona Quimby, Age 8 - Chapter 5 Question Preview (ID: 25964)

Chapter 5. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What did the girls plan to do to avoid their punishment?
a) be extra good
b) go to a friends house
c) help make dinner
d) Do silent reading

What does Ramona want to go outside and do?
a) ride her bike
b) skate
c) walk to Howie's house
d) avoid her parents

What is Ramona's main thing she has to cook?
a) chicken
b) a cake
c) cornbread
d) carrots

What do they do to the chicken before cooking it?
a) chop it up
b) boil it
c) roll it in flour
d) remove the skin

Why do the girls add Chili powder to the chicken?
a) it needed red specks
b) they wanted it to be spicy
c) their mom told them to
d) it fell in on accident

What does Beezus say Ramona's mom would get mad about ?
a) food all over the floor
b) Ramona sitting and standing on the counter
c) Using all the yogurt
d) the bad smell

What do the girls do to try to make everything look better?
a) clean up the kitchen
b) make placecards
c) candles
d) rename the items used

What do Ramona's parents offer to do after dinner?
a) never have them cook again
b) let them make dinner every night
c) unground them
d) clean up

What do they make for dessert?
a) cake
b) brownies
c) pears
d) cookies

Why does Ramona feel better about YardApe calling her Egghead?
a) Beezus said she used to get called names too
b) her mom was going to speak with the principal about it
c) her dad said call him a name back
d) it means smart

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