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Most of digestion takes place in the:
a) stomach
b) mouth
c) small intestine
d) large intestine

The first loop of the small intestine is called the:
a) duodenum
b) espohagus
c) jejunum
d) ileum

Fecal impaction is a complication of:
a) constipation
b) diarrhea
c) nausea
d) vomiting

All of the following are signs/symptoms of fecal impaction except:
a) pallor
b) abdominal distention
c) abdominal pain
d) nausea

Animal protein is also called:
a) complete protein
b) partially complete protein
c) incomplete protein
d) none of the above

Functions of calciumare:
a) To build strong bones and teeth
b) to maintain fluid balance
c) none of these

Physical factor that affect appetite is:
a) Look of the food
b) Culture
c) Finances
d) Religion

To prevent vomiting:
a) give small amount of food desired/odorless food
b) encourage large amounts of foods

The formula runs by gravity
a) Gravity feeding
b) gastric gavage
c) bolus feeding
d) continuous feeding

Continuous infusion of formula
b) continuous feeding
c) gravity feeding
d) bolus feeding

Giving a prescribed amount of formula over several minutes for four to six hours
a) bolus feeding
b) continuous tube feeding
c) intermittent feeding
d) gastric gavage

Feeding a patient through a tube into his/her stomach
a) gastric gavage
b) intermittent feeing
c) continuous tube feeding
d) gravity feeding

Infusing formula continuously via NG or gastronomy tube
a) continuous feeding
b) gravity feeding
c) intermittent feeding
d) bolus feeding

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