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Documentation also means:
a) Writing
b) Communcaitng
c) Assessing
d) Charting

To enhance good NA II/ Staff interpersonal relationship, the NA should:
a) Offer assistance willingy
b) Be tactful
c) Accept job assignments without complaint
d) all the above

Example of a subjective report:
a) Mr. Davis is 5 feet tall
b) Mr. Davis drank 4 oz of H20
c) Mr. Davis weight is too high
d) Mr. Davis is 7 feet tall

Example of an objective report is:
a) Ms. Jones ate 100% of her meal
b) Ms. Jones is unccoperative
c) Ms. Jones is too fat
d) Ms. Jones eats too much

In reporting, you should always report
a) objectively
b) what you think
c) subjectively
d) how you feel

In observing the patients, we use all of our senses EXCEPT:
a) taste
b) sight
c) hearing
d) touch

When charting you should always use:
a) Ballpoint pen
b) Pencil
c) Felt-Tip pen
d) Crayon

When documenting you should never use erasers or white out.
a) True
b) False

The following are rules of good documentaiton EXCEPT:
a) All documentation should be subjective
b) All documetation should have the date and time
c) All documentaition should be signed with the nurse fist initial, last name, and title
d) All docuemtation should be factual

All procedures should be documented on the patients chart after they have been done.
a) True
b) False

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