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What effect would increase in UV radiation cause on people?
a) increase in certain types of cancer
b) decrease in certain types of cancer
c) increase in microscopic plankton
d) increase in biodiversity through out the planet

Which of the following are used as fuel for basic fusion reactions?
a) Hydrogen
b) Uranium
c) Plutonium
d) Water

Which of the following can transport energy from the Sun to the Earth?
a) Convection
b) Conduction
c) Radiation
d) Fusion

Which of the following forms of electromagnetic radiation are not blocked or filtered by Earth's atmosphere?
a) Visual light
b) X-rays
c) Gamma Rays
d) CFC's

Which has the potential to produce the most energy?
a) fission
b) combustion
c) burning
d) fusion

As the Earth was forming centripetal force caused what area of the Earth to be the fattest?
a) center
b) poles
c) equator
d) lithosphere

What causes a year on Earth?
a) rotation
b) angle of light
c) revolution
d) nutation

What causes changes in the seasons on Earth?
a) distance from sun
b) revolution
c) rotation
d) angle of light

What causes day and night on Earth?
a) rotation
b) revolution
c) angle of light
d) nutation

Which of the following provides the energy generated by a star?
a) fission
b) fusion
c) combustion
d) photosynthesis

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