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According to Kepler what happens to a planet's speed as it gets closer to the Sun?
a) slows down
b) changes inertia reversal
c) speeds up
d) it is summer

________________ is the wobbling around the precessional axis, and is caused by the moon.
a) nutation
b) precession
c) gravity
d) revolution

_________________ is the force exerted on the Earth by the moon and on the moon by the Earth.
a) precession
b) nutation
c) barycenter
d) gravity

The point between two objects where they balance each other is ____________.
a) eclipse
b) nutation
c) barycenter
d) precession

Earth's axis is tilted approximately _________________ degrees.
a) 23.5
b) 365
c) 12
d) 45

Earth's seasons are caused by ____________.
a) angle of light
b) rotation
c) distance from the sun
d) solar eclipses

Earth's day and night are caused by _______________.
a) Angle of light
b) Orbit
c) Revolution
d) Rotation

According to Kepler the shape of planetary orbits are____________.
a) perfect circles
b) ellipses
c) parabolic shifts
d) blue shifting

Currently scientist think the Universe is _________________.
a) expanding
b) getting smaller
c) staying the same
d) The Milky Way

What is the shape of the Milky Way Galaxy?
a) spiral
b) elliptical
c) irregular
d) globular

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