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One way to reduce the amount of garbage we produce is to
a) burn it
b) bury it
c) recycle
d) none of the options

When garbage decomposes, the two greenhouse gases that are produced are ______________.
a) oxygen and carbon dioxide
b) carbon dioxide and nitrogen
c) methane and carbon dioxide
d) hydrogen and oxygen

When trash is burned, the two things that are produced are
a) water and carbon dioxide
b) carbon dioxide and oxygen
c) ash and water
d) ash and toxic gases

Burning garbage reduces its ____________.
a) mass and volume
b) mass only
c) volume only
d) none of the options

A short-term affect of incinerating of waste material is
a) reduction in air quality
b) reduction in water quality
c) increase in recycling
d) improvement in air quality

Two elements found in fertilizers that are essential for plant growth are ________.
a) carbon dioxide and oxygen
b) nitrogen and phosphorus
c) nitrogen and oxygen
d) none of the options

When too much fertilizer is applied to farms and lawns, the excess nitrogen and phosphorus
a) runsoff into rivers and lakes
b) accumulates in the soil
c) accumulates in the atmosphere
d) is eaten by animals

Excess nitrogen and phosphorus in water causes
a) fish dying due to lack of oxygen
b) excessive amounts of surface algae and plants
c) foul odors due to rapid decomposition of dead surface algae
d) all of the above

Mercury in a water source is dangerous to humans because
a) we eat the fish that have been contaminated by mercury
b) we eat the plants that have been contaminated by mercury
c) we swim in the water that contains mercury
d) none of the options

The first step in land development is to _________________.
a) cut down old trees and plant seedling trees
b) cut down trees and clear land for housing and farming
c) make building blueprints
d) make a map of the land

Deforestation leads to
a) more oxygen in the atmosphere
b) more trees
c) soil loss and increased erosion
d) soil gain and decreased erosion

Mass transportation is all of the following except
a) used to move many people at one time
b) used in many countries in Europe
c) beneficial because it reduces air emissions
d) economical in the United States

Most people in the United States prefer automobiles over mass transportation because
a) they are less expensive
b) they are better for the enviroment
c) they prove people with independance
d) gas is cheap

Consumer societies
a) use more than they produce
b) produce more than they use
c) do not produce much waste
d) recycle all of the waste they produce

The best way to improve air and water quality is to
a) recycle
b) burn your trash
c) utilize landfills
d) dump trash in the ocean

Why are cloth diapers more environmentally friendly than disposable diapers
a) They are not biodegradable
b) They are convient
c) They can be recycled
d) They can be reused

!18 What has industry done to reduce the impact of these waste by-products?
a) Build chemical plants closer to rivers for easier disposal
b) Bury the solid wastes in the ground
c) Find new uses for the waste by-products
d) Dispose of the waste at night when people are sleeping

Approximately 20% of paper waste and 30% of aluminum waste produced in the United States is recycled compared to only 1% for plastic waste. How do you account for the large difference in recycling between aluminum and plastic (polymer) waste?
a) The raw material for plastics is inexpensive
b) There are many different types of plastics found in products
c) The task of sorting plastic products is time consuming
d) All of the above

A benefit of solar cookers include
a) fish dying due to lack of oxygen
b) excessive amounts of surface algae and plants
c) foul odors due to rapid decomposition of dead surface algae
d) all of the options

Eutrophication (the over-fertilization of lakes, rivers and estuaries) can cause ______________________.
a) Reduced carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
b) Uses more electricity
c) Cooks food faster
d) All of the above

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