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Which of the following is the largest?
a) biome
b) population
c) community
d) biosphere

Which of the following are not one of the characteristics of life?
a) Cells
b) Growth and Development
c) Aerobic Respiration
d) Energy Use

Which of the following is the smallest?
a) cell
b) organelle
c) tissue
d) organism

Which of the following is the study of life?
a) biology
b) economics
c) chemistry
d) physics

Which of the following includes biotic an abiotic factors?
a) ecosystem
b) population
c) species
d) community

Which of the following is the most basic unit of life?
a) DNA
b) Cell
c) Organelle
d) Molecule

Which of the following is not an organic compound found in living things?
a) Water
b) Nucleic Acid
c) Protein
d) Carbohydrate

Which inorganic compound is required for living things?
a) Protein
b) Water
c) Lipids
d) Carbohydrate

Which of the following is why living things need energy?
a) repair and function
b) death and decay
c) amniotic fluid
d) Karst Topography

Which of the following is a group organisms that interbreed and produce live fertile offspring?
a) species
b) organelle
c) community
d) biome

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