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Mr. Davis has a choking problem. What memebr of the health car team will work with him and teach him how to swallow?
a) The Speech Therapist
b) The Occupational Therapist
c) The Charge Nurse
d) The Physician

Ms. Jones is in room 204 and has an oral temperature of 102 defrees F. Who do you report to?
a) The Charge Nurse
b) The DON
c) The Dietician
d) The Physical Therapist

Who plans the meals for the patient according to the physician's order?
a) The dietician
b) The registered nurse
c) The physical therapist
d) The activity coordinator

Who is the member of the health care team that gives the most hands on care to patients.
a) The Physician
b) The Dietician
c) The CNA I
d) The registered nurse

To take the CNA II course the perspective student should:
a) have worked as a nursing assistant before
b) know how to transfer patient
c) be 21 years or older
d) Be 18 years or older

To take the CNA II course the perspective student should:
a) Be 21 years old or above
b) Be 18 years old or above
c) Know how to give personal care
d) Have an eight grade education

Communication is
a) talking
b) smiling
c) acting
d) the exchange of opinions

Two types of communicaton
a) Talking and listenting
b) smiling and facial expressions
c) talking and touching
d) verbal and nonverbal

One of the elements of communication is:
a) Talking
b) Touching
c) Message
d) Walking

Smiling is a type of:
a) non-verbal communication
b) Verbal communication

Writing letters is what type of communication:
a) Non-verbal communication
b) verbal communication
c) information

Rules of good communication are all of the following EXCEPT:
a) speak out loud
b) use good eye contact
c) stand in front of the listener
d) speak at the listeners levels

What type of patient is it important to use touch when communicating:
a) Blind patient
b) CVA patient
c) Diabetic patient
d) Deaf patient

When communicating with a confused patient, the best technique to use is:
a) Reality orientation
b) Matter of factness
c) Make few demands
d) Active friendliness

The techniques to use when communicating with a combative patient is;
a) Firm kindness
b) active friendliness
c) reality orientation
d) to make few demands

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