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Health older aduls:
a) Do not have notable decreases in cognitive abilities
b) Have notable decrease in cognitive abilities
c) Lose the ability to think or problem solve
d) Lose the ability to remain intelligent

One of the cognitive changes due to aging is:
a) The brain decreases in size
b) The brain increases in size
c) Motor skills can be easily learnt
d) Less time is needed to learn new activites

Food and water are examples of whatL
a) Physical needs
b) Psychological needs
c) Social needs
d) Psycho-social needs

The Nurse Aide can help the resident's need for love and affection by:
a) Displaying human warmth with gentle touch
b) Giving flowers to the resident
c) Hugging the resident without consent
d) Offering food to the resident

When communicating with an Alzheimer's resident the NA should:
a) Stand in front of the resident and obtain the residents attention before speaking
b) Stand behind the resident and obtain the resident's attention before speaking
c) Speak clearly and distinctly using medical terminology
d) If information needs to be repeated, use different words and phrases

The Nurse Aide should encourage the resident to do activities that:
a) Assist the resident in finding meaning in his or her day
b) Increase the resident's level of confusion
c) Will keep the resident busy
d) Will make the resident use their memory

The only objective in de-escalation of the mentally ill resident is to:
a) Avoid aggressive stances
b) Appear anxious
c) Be sitting when the resident is standing
d) Keep the resident from leaving the facility

Acute pain
a) Often comes on suddenly
b) Often comes on gradually
c) Last of six months or less
d) Continues after the healing process

Mr. Davis, a resident at Holy Hill Assisted Living, is suffering form acute pain. What comfort measures can the NA offer?
a) Change the resident's position and offer massage
b) Encourage the resident to watch TV
c) Encourage him to take part in group activites
d) Encourage vigorous exercise

According to Dr. Elizabeth Kubler- Ross, the dying resident and his family pass through five stages. What is the final stage called?
a) Accpetance
b) Denial
c) Anger
d) Bargaining

Health Care Agency or programs for people who have six months or less to live, is known as what?
a) Hospice
b) Respite
c) Medicare
d) Geriatric

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