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Why does Mrs. Quimby say that Ramona had the wrong egg?
a) She grabbed it off the wrong shelf
b) The stove didn't work
c) She didn't have time
d) Beezus took it

Why is Beezus grouchy?
a) She got a raw egg
b) She stayed up late at her friends house
c) She has too much homework
d) She hated her dad going back to college

What does Mr. Quimby have to draw for school?
a) hand
b) vase
c) foot
d) shoe

Ramona is unhappy and wished they had what for supper?
a) hamburgers
b) chicken
c) hotdogs
d) cornbread

What meat does Mrs. Quimby serve at dinner?
a) tongue
b) chicken
c) pot roast
d) pork

Since the girls won't eat dinner what punishment are they given?
a) clean the house
b) make dinner the next night
c) no dessert for a week
d) grounded for a week

What do the girls not like about the meat?
a) it has fat
b) it is stringy
c) it has bumps
d) it tastes bad

What plan to Ramona and Beezus have for getting out of their punishment?
a) going over to play with Willa Jean
b) helping out all around the house
c) sitting in their room doing homework
d) being extra good/ hoping they forget

What job does Mr. Quimby have right now?
a) art teacher
b) checker at the store
c) frozen food warhouse
d) works at dentist office

Who does Ramona have to be nice to?
a) Beezus
b) Yard Ape
c) Howie
d) Willa Jean

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