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An incident report is done:
a) When any unexpected event occurs in a healthcare setting
b) When any expected event occurs in a healthcare setting
c) Anytime a resident refuses medication
d) When a resident's family fails to visit as promised

When an unexpected event occurs and an incident report is done:
a) Describe any actions taken to help with the incident
b) Facts and opinions can be stated
c) Document on resident's chart that an incident report was done
d) Document the time of incident but not who was present

Critical Thinking allows a Nurse aide to safely provide care:
a) In a variety of situations based on facts learnt and bedside observations
b) In a variety of situations based on resident's diagnosis
c) To elderly residents in their homes
d) To elderly residents living in Nursing Homes

Critical thinking is used by a Nurse Aide:
a) To successfully adapt to varying situations
b) When situations are normal
c) At all times when providing care
d) Only when providing personal care

Ms. Davis is visiting her mother at the Nursing Home and offered to assist in her care. What should the NA do?
a) Allow her to assist as permitted by the resident
b) Ask the administrator
c) Ask her to wait outside the resident's room
d) Refuse to allow her to assist

When should the NA become involved in family affairs?
a) When a resident's life is endangered
b) At all times when they visit
c) When the resident complains that her family doesn't visit
d) When the resident refuses to see his family

Caregivers' behaviors that encourage person-centered care include:
a) Honoring individual preferences as much as possible
b) Asking resident's roommate about her preferences
c) Only allowing resident's personal choices for meal preferecnes
d) The nurse aide choosing what is best for the resident

The NA should always put person-centered care into practice. He should:
a) Allow resident to choose activities of interest
b) Inform resident the he can only pray in his room
c) Encourage the resident to be dependent on staff
d) Choose the time and type of resident's bath

True or False: The practice of basing resident care on individual resident needs, preferences and expectations is known as person-centered care
a) True
b) False

True or false: As a nurse you should support resident to be as independent as they are able and wish to be
a) True
b) False

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