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What step of the Nursing process does the Nurse Aide provide nursing measures during resident care?
a) Implementation
b) Assessment
c) Planning
d) Nursing Diagnosis

A Nursing Diagnosis is:
a) A health problem that nurses can treat using nursing measures
b) A disease or health problem that cannot be treate
c) A health problem affecting the nurse
d) Mad by the resident's Physcian

During this step of the nursing process, information is collected.
a) Assessment
b) Evaluation
c) Nursing Diagnossi
d) Planning

In this step, the nurse decides if the nursing measures are effective,
a) Evaluation
b) Implementation
c) Nursing Diagnosis
d) Assessment

Who develops the individualized plan of care for the resident?
a) The Physician
b) The Nurse
c) The Nurse Aide
d) The Resident's Family

The methods used by nurses to plan and deliver nursing care is
a) Nursing Process
b) Nursing Diagnosis
c) Evaluation
d) Planning

In this step of the Nursing Process, the setting of residents goals are prioritized
a) Planning
b) Evaluation
c) Assesssment
d) Implementation

True or False: The resident's care plan is based on the nursing proces
a) True
b) False

True or False: The Nurse Aide can perform assessment on the resident
a) True
b) False

True or false: Nurse relies on observation from the nurse aide to assist with evaluation
a) True
b) False

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