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Which of the following would NOT be performed during a quarantine period for incoming animals?
a) Vaccination
b) Application of identification
c) Surgery
d) De-worming

What type of animals may have digestive problems because they lack bacteria in the intestinal tract?
a) Conventional
b) Axenic
c) Gnotobiotic
d) Specific pathogen free

All incoming animals, from all vendors, should undergo a quarantine period away from the rest of the colony
a) True
b) False

What type of dealer can usually provide complete health information about their animals from birth?
a) Class A dealer
b) Class B dealer
c) Class C dealer
d) Class D dealer

A defined flora animal is the same as:
a) A specific pathogen free animal
b) An axenic animal
c) A conventional animal
d) A gnotobiotic Animal

Sweating can be a sign of overheating in which species?
a) Cats and ferrets
b) Hamsters and guinea pigs
c) Pigs and horses
d) Rats and mIce

Before disposing of animal shipping containers, an animal technician should:
a) Remove any label that says Live Animals
b) Verify that the vendor does not want the empty container returned
c) Remove any feces or animal waste
d) Double-check the container for any remaining animals

Motorized vehicles used to transport animals should be:
a) Sound attenuated
b) USDA regulated
c) Climate controlled
d) Appropriately labeled

Which of the following parameters of shipping is NOT specified by the Animal Welfare Regulations?
a) How many animals that shipping containers can hold
b) How often animals must receive feed and water
c) What time of day the animals must be transported
d) Acceptable temperature ranges during transit

The examination of a dead animal for diagnostic purposes or to determine the cause of death is called:
a) Biopsy
b) Vivisection
c) Autopsy
d) Necropsy

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