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Text with the purpose of telling about details, facts and other true information.
a) literary/narrative text
b) point of view
c) informational/expository text
d) plot

To know or expect that something is going to happen in a text before it does.
a) predict
b) plot
c) personification
d) persuade

A selection or writing that may be fiction or nonfiction.
a) onomatopoeia
b) mood
c) metaphor
d) passage

The main reason the passage was written.
a) mood
b) main idea
c) irony
d) literary devices

A series of events that make up a story.
a) plot
b) opinion
c) irony
d) inform

A selection of writing that deals with real people, events, and places without changing any facts.
a) fiction
b) nonfiction
c) point of view
d) inform

The position or angle from which the narrator tells the story.
a) opinion
b) fact
c) point of view
d) irony

To cause to do something by using reason or argument; to cause to believe something.
a) persuade
b) opinion
c) passage
d) main idea

A term used to describe words who pronunciations suggest their meaining.
a) metaphor
b) mood
c) onomatopoeia
d) plot

What one thinks about something or somebody.
a) opinion
b) metaphor
c) irony
d) mood

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