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A resident that is hor of breath should be positioned:
a) Upright
b) Supine
c) Sims
d) Prone

Whilst taking Ms. Jones for a walk, she bigns to fall. What should the nuse aide do?
a) Ease Ms. Jones to the floor protecting her head
b) Ease Ms. Jones to the floor protecting her back
c) Prevent Ms. Jones from falling
d) Hold Ms. Jones up, until help arrives

For a wide base of support:
a) Face the object you are lifting
b) Keep feet shoulder width apart
c) Keep feet close toghether
d) Hold object close to body

When lifitng an object:
a) Hold the object away
b) Keep the object close tothe body
c) Keep legs straight
d) Bend at waist

Regular position change and good aligment:
a) Promote comfor and well being
b) Cause pressure ulcers
c) intterupt rest and sleep
d) decrease circulation

When lifting an object, the nurse aide should:
a) Bend hip/knees and get close to the object
b) Feet together for a wide base of support
c) Use jerky movements
d) Hold the object away from the body

The importancde o f using good body mechanics is to prevent:
a) Musculoskeletal injury
b) Head injury
c) Abdominal injury
d) Chest injury

A bed-bound rsdient should be repositioned at least:
a) Every 2 hours
b) Hourly
c) Every 3 house
d) Every 4 hours

A resident on force fluids should:
a) Be encouraged to drink fluids
b) Receive fluids only with medication
c) Be forced to drink fluids
d) Drink only water

Dysphagia is defined as:
a) Difficulty swallowing
b) Difficulty chewing
c) Difficulty breathing
d) Hard of hearing

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