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What is a increased posterior lumbar curvature of the spine called?
a) Flatback
b) Swayback
c) Humpback
d) Camel back

What action does the multifidi and rotatores perfom unilaterally?
a) Extends the vertebral column
b) Flexes the vertebral column
c) Laterally flexs the vertebral column to the same side
d) Rotation of the opposite side

What is the name of the broad, flat tendon that stretches across the posterior thorax and lumbar region?
a) Thoracolumbar aponeurosis
b) iliocostalis
c) Galea aponeurotica
d) Anterior ASIS

What is the Orgin of Quadratus Lumborum?
a) 12th Rib, TVP's of L1-L4
b) iliocostalis
c) Posterior Illiac crest
d) Sacural

What is another name for C-7?
a) Lumbar
b) Dominate vertebrae
c) Vertebrae Prominens
d) Prutruding vertebrae

in the Erector Spinae Group, what action occurs unilaterally?
a) Extends the vertebral column
b) Laterally Flex
c) Laterally flexs the vertebral column to the same side
d) Reduction of the spinal column

How many articulating vertebraes are in the spine?
a) 12
b) 7
c) 15
d) 24

Which spine region has the largest vertebraes?
a) Lumbar
b) Cervical
c) Thoracic
d) Sacural

What Spinae muscle is the most medial?
a) Illocostallis
b) Spinalis
c) Longissimus
d) Anterior ASIS

What muscles are included in the transverospinals Group
a) Multifidi, Rotatores, Illiocostalis
b) Rotatores, multifidi, semispinalis capitis
c) Longissimus, erector spinae, Rotatores
d) Transversopinalis, rotatores, multifidi

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