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The male and femal sexual reproductinve glands are called
a) gonads
b) hormones
c) Cowper's gland
d) fallopian tube

Functions of the female reproductive system include all of the following EXCEPT:
a) manufacturing ova, estrogen and progesterone
b) manufacturing testosterone
c) providing an environment for the development of a fetus
d) lactation for nourishment of a baby after birth

All of the following are normal- age related changes for the male reproductive system EXCEPT:
a) the prostate gland shrinks
b) number and capability of sperm decrease
c) may take longer to achieve an erection
d) may take longer to achieve an erection

All of the following are normal age related changes of the female reproductive system EXCEPT:
a) menopause ends menstruation and ability to reproduce
b) production of estrogen and progesterone increases
c) loss of calcium causes more brittle bones
d) vaginal walls become drier and thinner

A person who has a(n) _______ may be infected and may potentially infect others without showing signs and symptoms of disease
a) STI (sexually transmitted infection)
b) STD (sexually transmitted disease)
c) venereal disease
d) pelvic inflammatory disease

All of the following are ways that STD's and STI's may be transmitted EXCEPT:
a) having sexual contact with an infected person
b) touching an object that has been handled by an infected person
c) Via needles used in IV drug use
d) Through child-birth and breastfeeding

A person with _____ cannot be treated with antibiotics or cured, and may have repeated outbreaks of the disease for the rest of his or her life
a) chlamydia
b) general herpes
c) gonorrhea
d) syphilis

A man with being prostatic hypertrophy may have difficulty
a) maintaining an erection
b) reproducing
c) urinating
d) ejaculating

All of the following are true of sexual activity in the elderly EXCEPT:
a) illness may reduce the ability to perform sexually
b) as a person ages, he or she completely loses interest in sex
c) vaginal atrophy may cause pain and dryness in women
d) lack of privacy in a facility may limit sexual activity for residents

If a nursing assistant encounters any sexual situation between consenting adult residents, she should:
a) tell the resident's to stop
b) tell the residents how cute they look
c) provide privacy and leave the area
d) tell the resident's friends and families

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