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The function of the kidneys include all of the following EXCEPT:
a) absorbing substances needed by the body
b) cleansing and filtering waste products and toxic materials from blood
c) regulating amount of electrolytes in body
d) help regulate blood pressure and water balance

help regulate blood pressure and water balance
a) Elimination of waste products from cells
b) maintenance of water balance in the body
c) assistance in regulation of temperature
d) regulation of levels of electrolytes in the body

All of the following are normal age-related changes for the urinary system EXCEPT:
a) resident often cannot make it to the bathroom before urinating
b) kidneys do not filter the blood as efficiently
c) bladder holds less urine, causing more frequent urination

Normal qualities of urine include:
a) pink or red in color not cause by medication
b) cloudiness when freshly voided
c) clear or transparent color and a faint smell
d) presence of protein or glucose

All of the following signs and symptoms should be reported to the nurse EXCEPT:
a) pain, burning, or presure when urinating
b) output 1200 to 1500 mL of urine per day
c) episodes of incontinence
d) dark or rust colored urine

A good way a nursing assistant to promote normal elimination for residents is to:
a) encourage Kegel exercises
b) encourage residents to finish urinating as quickly as possible
c) ask both male and female residents to sit down when urinating
d) discourage fluids for residnets who urinate too frequently

All of the following are reasons that women are more susceptible to urinary tract infection EXCEPT:
a) the female urethra is shorter than the male urethra
b) bacteria can reach a woman's bladder more easily
c) women of the devlop UTI's after sexual intercourse
d) Urinating directily after sexual intercourse can reduce these infections

One way for the women to prevent UTI's is to:
a) reduce fluid intake to minimize work of the bladder
b) drink juices with Vitamin C to acidify urine
c) wipe from back to from after elimination
d) take baths rather than showers

_____ is an artificial means of removing body's waste product
a) CRF
b) kidney dialysis
c) urine retention
d) nephritis

Physical reasons for incontinence include all of the following EXCEPT:
a) childbirth
b) circulatory or nervous system disease or injuries
c) normal changes of aging
d) prostate problems

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