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Why is it important for a resident with TB to talk all of their prescribed medication?
a) the medication is very expensive
b) failure to finish the medication makes the person more likely to spread the disease to others
c) bacteria that is resistant to medication remain in the body, making the disease more difficult to cure
d) failure to take all of the medication prescribed can weaken the person's immune system

A person with ______ TB does not show symptoms and cannot infect others; a person with _____TB shows symptoms of the disease and can spread it to others
a) latent; active
b) active; latent
c) MDR-TB; active
d) Latent; MDR-TB

All of the following are way to help residents with asthma EXCEPT:
a) encouraging resident so carry their inhalers
b) helping residents avoid triggers that cause asthma attacks
c) encourage resident to wear perfume or cologne
d) talking with and listening to residents help decrease stress levels

Care guidelines for COPD include all of the following EXCEPT:
a) be supportive of residents who are quitting smoking
b) tyr to get residents to save their energy for more important tasks
c) encourage the resident to sleep lying flat on the back
d) use proper infection control practices

Normal age-related changes for the respiratory system include:
a) lung strength decreases
b) airways become more elastic
c) cough becomes stronger
d) oxygen in the blood increase

Residents with COPD may be fearful about not being ale to:
a) breathe
b) speak
c) sleep
d) walk

Functions of the respiratory system include all of the following EXCEPT:
a) cleansing inhaled air
b) supplying oxygen to the body cells
c) supplying carbon dioxide to cells
d) producing sounds associated with speech

The ______ acts like a lid to shut off the larynx during the swallowing process
a) trachea
b) epiglottis
c) bronchi
d) alveoli

What is the function of the larynx?
a) enables speech
b) blocks food from entering the trachea
c) allows for passage of air and food
d) transfers air to lungs

The process of breathing in and out is called:
a) inspiration
b) respiration
c) expiration
d) resuscitation

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