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Once water has returned to the ocean, what process puts water back into the air?
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) precipitation
d) melting

Where does most of the water that evaporates from the earth come from?
a) ponds
b) lakes
c) rivers
d) ocean

Water exists on Earth in all three states. Which of the following is a form of water in the liquid state?
a) frost
b) hail
c) water vapor
d) dew

Two-thirds of the Earth's surface is covered by water. The water cycle is a process that includes the evaporation of water sources and the return of water to Earth as rain and snow. What is the driving force behind the water cycle?
a) ocean currents
b) the Sun
c) the wind
d) the tilt of the Earth

In clouds, water droplets that are too heavy to float form
a) fog
b) thunder
c) rain
d) dew

What causes the formation of clouds?
a) cool air rising
b) lightning
c) water vapor condensing
d) snow

Once water has condensed to form clouds, which process brings the water back to land?
a) accumulation
b) evaporation
c) transpiration
d) precipitation

Which of the following is NOT commonly used as a source of drinking water?
a) rivers
b) oceans
c) groundwater
d) lakes

Which of the following is the correct order for the water cycle?
a) precipitation > condensation > evaporation
b) condensation > evaporation > precipitation
c) condensation > precipitation > evaporation
d) evaporation > precipitation > condensation

_______ and _______ are alike in that, during these processes, water is moved from the liquid state back into a vapor state.
a) Condensation; precipitation ponds
b) Sublimation; infiltration lakes
c) Transpiration; deposition
d) Evaporation; transpiration

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