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The cell theory states:
a) all the above
b) cells are the basic units of all living thing, tissues and organisms
c) cellular function is an essential process for all living things
d) cells have several functioning structures, called organelles, that carry on work for the cell

a) the building blocks of the human body
b) combine to form organs
c) are visible to the human eye
d) combine to form organisms

a) combine to form organisms
b) carry out a particular function/activity for the cell; combine to form an organ
c) are individualized cells
d) none of the above

a) can be made up of several types of tissues
b) can be paired
c) combine to form a system
d) all the above

a) all the above
b) made up of several organs functioning together for a specific purpose
c) include urinary and neurological
d) combine to create organisms

a) a group of abnormal cells
b) a group of normal cells
c) are always benign
d) are always malignant

a) a disease in which abnormal cells grow in an uncontrolled manner invading surrounding tissues and may spread
b) occurs at a specific location only
c) always malignant
d) all the above

In the seven signs of cancer, what does the I in CAUTION mean?
a) indecisiveness
b) insecure
c) increase in nausea
d) indigestion

In the seven signs of cancer, what does the U in CAUTION mean?
a) unusual bleeding or discharge
b) unusual sores
c) unusual fever
d) unusual headaches

In the seven signs of cancer, what does C in CAUTION mean?
a) change in bowel or bladder habits
b) change in mood
c) change in digestion
d) change in temperature

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