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The quality or state of being worthy of self-esteem or self-respect is known as?
a) Dignity
b) Ethics
c) Self-worth
d) Empathy

Identifying with and understanding the feelings of another without feeling sorry is known as what?
a) Empathy
b) sympathy
c) pitty
d) down to earth

The nurse aide should be positive, supportive, and encourage resident self decisions in order to promote dignity
a) True
b) False

Care provided after rehabilitation when residents highest possible funtioning has been restored following illness or injury is known as what?
a) Basic Restorative Care
b) Basic Rehabilitative Care
c) Personal Care
d) Interpersonal Care

All of the following are import for basic restorative care EXCEPT:
a) aim towards independnece
b) maintain and improve abilities
c) assisting individuals to accept adpation
d) encourage dependency

The nurse aides role in basic restorative care include:
a) Focusing on small task and accomplishments
b) encourage choices
c) encourage independnece
d) all the above

Replacement for loss of body part
a) amputation
b) prosthesis
c) adaptation device
d) phantom pain

Special equipment that helps a disabled or ill resident perform activities of daily living;
a) Assisstive devices
b) orthotic device
c) prosthesis
d) supportive device

For proper bowel and bladder training, the nurse aide should:
a) offer and encourage fluids
b) encourage fiiber foods
c) teach good peri-care
d) all the above

When should the resident void or attempt to void?
a) all the above
b) after waking up and before going to bed
c) an hour before meals
d) 2 hours inbetween meals

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