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What is the fad at Ramona's school?
a) bringing a hard boiled egg
b) bringing your lunch
c) bringing a sandwich
d) eating in the lunchroom

Why is the oatmeal dyed blue?
a) so students don't want eat it
b) do they can see the larvae
c) to make it pretty
d) so they can see the oatmeal through the jar

Ramona likes to open her egg by bashing on her head. That makes her a what?
a) rapper
b) basher
c) whacker
d) whamer

What happens when Ramona hits the egg on her head?
a) it won't crack open
b) the hard boiled egg splatters all over the lunchroom
c) she eats it
d) it was raw

Who is Ramona most mad at?
a) Yard Ape
b) Mom
c) other students
d) the girl who tries to help

What does Mrs. Larson do about the egg in Ramona's hair?
a) wash it out
b) call home for someone to pick her up
c) tell Ramona to rub it out
d) call her teacher to come and get her

When Ramona is in the office what people come in talking unaware that Ramona is there?
a) students
b) secretaries
c) teachers
d) principals

What does Mrs. Whaley call Ramona?
a) baby
b) problem
c) egghead
d) nuisance

What happens when Ramona is waiting in the office?
a) she falls asleep
b) they forget she is there
c) her mother comes to get her
d) Yard Ape makes fun of her

Ramona refuses to write what letter in cursive?
a) R
b) S
c) Q
d) Y

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