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______ are rules made by the government to help protect the public and people
a) Laws
b) Ethics
c) Government Regulation
d) Criminal law

_______ is a wrong committed against a person or property and can be unintentional or intentional
a) Tort
b) negligence
c) malpractice
d) battery

The act of touching a person without consent.
a) Assault
b) Malpractice
c) Battery
d) Tort

The act of threatening to touch, or attempting to touch a person without proper consent
a) Battery
b) Malpractice
c) Tort
d) Assault

The right to decide what will be don to the body and who can touch the body is an example of what?
a) Consent
b) Permssion
c) Written consent
d) Verbal consent

False statements made to a third person that causes a persons shame or ridicule, or ruins their reputation
a) Defamation
b) Slander
c) Libel
d) Gossip

The right to be treated with repsect, live in dignity, pursue a meaningful life and be free of fear is known as what?
a) Basic Human Rights
b) Residents Rights
c) Laws
d) Ethics

Ethic is knowledge of right and wrong; it guides a sense of duty and condut.
a) True
b) False

What should the nurse aide do if he/she suspects a resident is being abused?
a) Wait it out and document each incident
b) nothing
c) tell a co-worker
d) inform the nurse immediately

The resident has the right to make their own end of life decision.
a) True
b) False

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