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Where did Romeo and Juliet meet?
a) At church
b) At the Capulet's party
c) At the Montague's party
d) At Juliet's balcony

Who did Romeo love before Juliet?
a) Rosaline
b) He's only ever loved Juliet
c) Rosalia
d) Juliet's best friend

How did Juliet die?
a) Poison
b) A gun
c) She stabbed herself
d) She was murdered

Who was Tybalt?
a) Romeo's friend
b) Juliet's brother
c) Juliet's cousin
d) The prince of Verona

To which city does Romeo go after he is exiled?
a) Verona
b) Rome
c) Venice
d) Mantua

Why is Romeo banished?
a) For killing Tybalt
b) For marrying Juliet in secret
c) For killing Mercutio
d) For murdering a family member

Who does Juliet see as a parental figure?
a) Her father
b) Her mother
c) The Nurse
d) Romeo's mother

Why does Mercutio die?
a) Tybalt kills him
b) The Prince kills him
c) Romeo kills him
d) He kills himself

How does Friar Lawrence feel about marrying romeo and Juliet?
a) He does not want them to marry
b) He hopes this will unite the two families
c) He hopes this will stop Romeo from complaining
d) He believes God will smile upon their union

What do the Capulets and Montagues realize at the end of the play?
a) Each family believes the other should be banished to Mantua.
b) Their feud will only end if one family moves.
c) Their feud will continue until each family dies.
d) Their feud needs to end.

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