Natural Resources (5th) Question Preview (ID: 259)

Renewable, Non-renewable And Inexhaustible Natural Resources. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which of the following statements is true?
a) Fossil fuels will last forever
b) When animal and plant die, they are quickly changed into fossil fuels.
c) Fossil fuels are made by plant and animal remains being trapped in the Earths crust for millions of years.
d) Humans use fossil fuels for only a small part of our energy consumption.

Coal is a ______
a) A renewable resource
b) A non-recyclable resource
c) An inexhaustible resource
d) A non-renewable resource

How can we reduce the number of trees destroyed each year?
a) Reusing motor oil
b) Recycling paper products
c) Carpooling to work
d) Mowing yards on low ozone days

Solar energy is an example of an inexhaustible source of energy because ______
a) The sun is very hot and bright
b) The sun produces solar flares
c) The sun is smaller than the Earth
d) It cannot be used up by people

Although air cannot be used up, it can be damaged by ____
a) Plants and animals
b) Water vapor
c) Pollution
d) Solar flares

Which of the following is a renewable resource?
a) Petroleum
b) Soil
c) Trees
d) Solar energy

It takes billions of years for minerals to form in the Earth’s crust. Minerals are ___
a) An inexhaustible resource
b) A non-recyclable resource
c) A renewable resource
d) A non-renewable resource

Which of the following is an inexhaustible resource?
a) Coal
b) Wind
c) Soil
d) Trees

Which of the following is NOT a renewable resource?
a) Fish
b) Cotton
c) Paper
d) Petroleum

Fossil fuels came from __________
a) Plants and animals living today
b) The moon and the sun
c) Minerals and other Earth materials
d) Plants and animals that lived long ago

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