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Humility is CLOSEST to...
a) Honesty
b) Modesty
c) Responsibility
d) Happiness

How did Beowulf's upbringing affect his personality?
a) He was noble because he was wealthy and loyal to his country.
b) He was noble because he killed a lot of monsters.
c) He was noble because he liked to help the poor.
d) None of the above.

With what supernatural monsters did Beowulf fight against?
a) Sea monsters
b) Grendel and his mother
c) A dragon
d) All of the above

If Beowulf obtained gold and Grendel's head, in which step on the Hero's Journey is he?
a) Result
b) Trials
c) Treasure
d) New Life

If everyone from Geatsland is proud of Beowulf for what he has accomplished, what character trait is being shown?
a) Great warrior
b) Superhuman strength
c) National Heroism
d) None

Why do epic heroes need to travel?
a) To help other countries
b) To eat barbeque
c) To visit friends and family members
d) For no particular reason

How does the Hero's Journey refer to 'assistance?'
a) An alliance
b) Escaping from the enemy
c) Meeting people like Lil
d) Receiving help from someone either older or wiser

What does an epic hero do for other people?
a) An epic hero speaks often about his or her adventures
b) An epic hero leaves the people of his homeland to die.
c) An epic hero saves people's lives and helps them.
d) An epic hero is only a hero to him or herself.

Who helps Beowulf in his adventures?
a) Wolfgang
b) The Queen of Daneland
c) Wiglaf
d) Grendel

What is the last step of the Hero's Journey (before return to the new Status Quo)?
a) Resolution
b) Call to advocate
c) New Life
d) Approach

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