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James Burbage...
a) Was related to the Queen of England
b) Was Shakespeare's Friend
c) Built the Globe Theatre
d) Is a character in the Shakespearean tragedy, Macbeth

In the phrase DENY THY FATHER AND REFUSE THY NAME, THY is used because...
a) Thy is a possessive form of 'you' used when the following word STARTS WITH A VOWEL
b) Thy is a possessive form of 'you' used when the following word DOES NOT START WITH A VOWEL
c) Thy is an objective form of 'you'
d) Thy is a subjective form of 'you'

In the phrase WHEREFORE ART THOU ROMEO?, THOU is used because...
a) The 'you' is the OBJECT of the sentence
b) The 'you' is the SUBJECT of the sentence
c) THOU is a name
d) Shakespeare liked using fancy words

Romeo and Juliet is a?
a) Comedy
b) Romance
c) Tragedy
d) Essay

Shakespeare was part of...
a) The Shoreditch Players
b) Circ Du Solei
c) Broadway
d) The Globe Theatre

The rhyme pattern ABAB,CDCD,EFEF,GG belongs to THIS kind of writing
a) A play
b) Shakespearean Sonnet
c) A soliloquy
d) A poem

What is Shakespeare┬┤s writing style?
a) Iambic Pentameter
b) Formal Essays
c) Petrarchan Sonnet
d) Plays

When was Shakespeare born?
a) April 1564
b) May 2001
c) April 1546
d) September 1867

What were the name's of Shakespeare's children?
a) Hamlet and Macbeth
b) Hamnet, Judith, and Susanna
c) Nico, Millo Miki
d) Hansel and Gretel

William Shakespeare belonged to an acting troupe called:
a) The King's Men
b) Burbages' Royal Players
c) The Queen's Men
d) The Merry Men of Mercy

If you could not afford to sit in The Globe Theatre, you were called...
a) Nothing, because you were not allowed entry into The Globe
b) Dirty, because you were cramped in with many other filthy citizens
c) A commoner, because you were not wealthy enough for a seat
d) A groundling, because you had to stand on the ground in front of the stage

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