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The Middle Ages in Western Europe was characterized by
a) the manor system and the importance of land ownership
b) absolute monarchies and strong central governments
c) decreased emphasis on religion in daily life
d) extensive trade with Asia and the Middle East

Which empire introduced the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Cyrillic alphabet to Russia?
a) Mongol
b) Byzantine
c) British
d) Gupta

The contributions of the Golden Age of Islamic civilization include
a) advances in mathematics
b) irrigation systems
c) polytheistic beliefs
d) gunpowder and guns

The Ancient Romans’ most significant contribution to Europe has been in the area of
a) economics
b) poetry
c) drama
d) law

Both the Ancient Romans and the Ancient Chinese viewed foreigners as barbarians. This is an example of
a) cultural diffusion
b) materialism
c) imperialism
d) ethnocentrism

An immediate result of the fall of the Roman Empire was
a) a renewed interest in education and the arts
b) a period of disorder and weak central government
c) an increase in trade and manufacturing
d) the growth of cities and dominance by the middle class

One similarity between the Ancient African kingdoms of Egypt, Ghana, Mali and Songhai is that all of these kingdoms were located
a) in mountainous terrain
b) in coastal areas
c) on major trading routes
d) in rain forest areas

In India, the Caste system determined a person’s occupation, personal associations, and marriage partner. This situation shows that the Caste system
a) has helped eliminate ethnic and religious rivalries
b) has promoted social mobility within Indian society
c) has been stronger in urban areas that in rural areas
d) has been a way of life as well as an element of religion

Judaism, Islam, and Christianity share a belief in
a) the central authority of the Pope
b) reincarnation and the Four Noble Truths
c) monotheism and ethical conduct
d) polytheism

The teachings of Confucius encouraged people to
a) put their own interests first
b) reject government authority
c) believe in reincarnation
d) follow a code of moral conduct

The Buddhist religion teaches that salvation is earned by
a) following the Ten Commandments
b) worshiping Allah as the one true god
c) learning to give up selfish desire
d) being baptized and confirmed

One similarity between the Five Pillars of Islam and the Ten Commandments is that both
a) support a belief in reincarnation
b) promote learning as a means to salvation
c) encourage the use of statues to symbolize God
d) provide a guide to proper ethical and moral behavior

One reason for the development of an early civilization in the Tigris-Euphrates river valleys was that
a) the location protected the people from land invasion
b) periodic flooding left rich soil, which was ideal for farming
c) these rivers provided a direct trade route between Europe and Asia
d) these rivers flowed into the Mediterranean Sea

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