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The Nurse Aide should always wear gloves when there is a chance of exposure to blood
a) True
b) False

You can always recap a needle.
a) False
b) True

When a resident has little risk of illness or injur in the environment to which he/she lives in is knonw as what?
a) Saftey in the Resident's Environment
b) Protection in the Resident's Environment
c) Standard Precaution
d) Safety Pecaution

All of the ofllowing are true about why the elderly are at greater risks to fall EXCEPT:
a) side effect of medication
b) impaired coordination
c) knee joint instability
d) arthritis

All fo the follwoing are ture about how to prevent falls EXCEPT:
a) assisting with ambulation
b) keeping environment free of clutter
c) keeping all walkways free from rugs, cords, boxes and equipment
d) All the above

How should a resident be placed when eating?
a) Sims
b) Prone
c) Ipsilateral
d) Upright

If a nurse aide observes a resident is having difficulty in chewing and swallowing, what should he/she do?
a) Nothing give time to see if the resident improves
b) Break residents food into even smaller pieces
c) Puree residents food
d) Report findings to Nurse

Before transfering a resident in a wheelchair, what should the nurse aide do?
a) Make sure the resident can help
b) Make sure the area around the resident is free of clutter
c) lock the wheel-chair
d) nothing

A dire situation when a person's health or life is at risk is known as what?
a) Emergency
b) Urgency
c) Life threatening
d) Medical emergency

What is the universal sign for choking
a) hand around throat
b) gasping for air
c) turning blue in the face
d) becoming unconcious

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