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Who is a valued, unlicensed member of the health care team responisble for providing delgated tasks?
a) The Physician
b) The Nurse
c) The Nurse Practioner
d) The Nurse Aide

How often are listings renewed?
a) Yearly
b) Every two years
c) Every three years
d) Every four years

______ is a federal law, enacted by Congress in 1987, designed to improve the quality of life for residents living in a nursing home.
a) Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
b) Nurse Aide Registry
d) North Carolina Board of Nursing

________ defines requiremnt for nurse aide training and competency.
b) Nuse Aide Registry
d) North Carolina Board of Nursing

In order to be listed on the state Nurse Aide Registry, what must you do?
a) Pass a written/oral examination; demonstration of 3 skills
b) Pass a written/oral exam; demonstration of 4 skill
c) Pass a written/oral exam; demonstration of 5 skills
d) Pass a written or oral exam only

Who remains accountable and responisble for all delegated tasks?
a) The Physician
b) The Nurse
c) The Nurse Aide
d) The Nurse Practioner

_________ skills are taks dealing with a peson's body , apperance and hygiene
a) Personal care
b) cleanliness
c) hygiene
d) grooming

When providing care it is important that:
a) The nurse aide encourage dependency
b) The Nurse aide provides privace and ecourage independnece as much as possible
c) The Nurse aide ecnorages privacy only
d) none of these

How a perosn acts, behaves, and function in a professional manner revolves around that person's what
a) interpersonal skills
b) work ethic
c) personal care skills
d) ethics

When caring for a resident, the nurse aide should:
a) Empathize
b) Anticipate needs
c) Treat each resident as a unique individual by honoring request
d) all the above

A disease or conditon when harmful germs get into the body and grow in numbers is known as what?
a) infection
b) localized infection
c) illness
d) systemic infection

______ infection: infection limited to a body part; _________ infection: entire body part or system is infected
a) Infection; systemic
b) systemic; localized
c) localized; bodily
d) localized; systemic

All the thing that people do ot control and prevent the spread of inction is known as what?
a) Standard precautions
b) Medical asepsis
c) Breaking the chain of infection
d) Infection prevention

______ is used to remove or destroy microorganisms and prevent the spread of it
a) standard precautions
b) medical asepsis
c) breaking the chain of infection
d) infection prevention

What is the number one way germs travel from place to place?
a) by organisms
b) By air (droplet)
c) By direct contact
d) By hands

A person who does not have an infection now, but is at greater risk of developing it later is known as what?
a) Carrier
b) Resident
c) Host
d) Susceptible host

The key to prevent you, your co-workers as well as residents from becoming infectided is to what?
a) Medical asepsis
b) Washing hands for 30 second everytime a resident touches you
c) Infection prevention
d) Treating all bodily fluids, non intact skin, and mucous membranes as possible carriers for harmful germs

What is the 1st level to prevent and control infection
a) Transmission based precautions
b) Infection prevention
c) standard precautions
d) washing hands

What is the number on way to stop the transmission of infection?
a) Medical Asepsis
b) Disinfection
c) Clean technique
d) Hand hygiene

The second level of prevention and controlling infections by takin specific measures and tasks when caring for resident is know as what?
a) Medical asepsis
b) Hand hygiene
c) Standar precautions
d) Transmission based precautions

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