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A diode is a semiconductor that is used to--
a) amplify electrical signals
b) create a magnetic field
c) allow current to flow only in one direction
d) turn the flow of electricity on and off

If a wool sock is dragged across a rug, there is a buildup of static electricity on the wool sock. Which type of particle is transferred between the rug and the sock to cause this static?
a) atoms
b) electrons
c) neutrons
d) protons

Electric circuits provide energy for lightbulbs. Which of these prevents the flow of electrons?
a) a circuit that is closed
b) a series circuit
c) a circuit that is open
d) a parallel circuit

Energy is transferred in an electrical circuit through
a) static protons
b) moving protons
c) static electrons
d) moving electrons

Which of these will always produce a magnetic field?
a) a bar of steel
b) a bar of aluminum
c) an electric current
d) an electric charge

Which set of conditions will produce an electric current in a closed loop of wire?
a) a magnet touching the loop of wire
b) a magnet at rest inside the loop of wire
c) a magnet at rest outside the loop of wire
d) a magnet passing through the loop of wire

Copper is used in electrical wiring because electrons are
a) shared between two atoms.
b) transferred between atoms forming ions.
c) free to move between many atoms.
d) held very tightly by each atom.

What distinguishes a conductor from an insulator?
a) the rate that neutrons travel through the material
b) the ease of flow of electrons through the material
c) the amount of electrons present
d) the amount of neutrons present

A material with a very high electrical resistance is most likely a
a) metallic electrical insulator.
b) metallic electrical conductor.
c) nonmetallic electrical insulator.
d) nonmetallic electrical conductor

What happens when electrons move from one object to another by direct contact?
a) friction
b) detection
c) induction
d) conduction

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