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How long is the Great Barrier Reef?
a) over a million miles
b) over 2,500 kms
c) over a billion miles
d) over a million kms

How many different species of plants and animals live on or above the Great Barrier Reef?
a) over 100,000
b) over 50,000
c) over 14,00
d) over 1,000,000

Who discovered the Great Barrier Reef?
a) Captain James Cook
b) Captain Kirk
c) Sir Water Scott
d) Sir James Newton

What is the main threat to the Great Barrier Reef?
a) harvesting too many jelly fish
b) removing the reef to build more bridges
c) climate change
d) plants growing too fast

What percentage of Hawksbill Turtles have disappeared during the last century?
a) 50 percent
b) 60 percent
c) 70 percent
d) 80 percent

What percentage of Stellar Sea Lions have disappeared since the 1960s?
a) 60 percent
b) 70 percent
c) 80 percent
d) 90 percent

What is the largest mammal on this planet?
a) killer whale
b) humpback whale
c) blue whale
d) zebra whale

How many Kemp's Ridley Turtle are existing in nature?
a) 500
b) 1,000
c) 1,500
d) 2,000

What is the population of Humpback Whales in nature?
a) 2,000
b) 2,500
c) 3,000
d) 3,500

What part of a shark is cut off to make soup?
a) ears
b) teeth
c) tails
d) fins

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