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Which of the following are considered to be limiting factors
a) amount of food available to an organism
b) amount of water available to an organism
c) amount of shelter available to an organism
d) all of the above

The number of species that can survive in one area is called its
a) carrying capacity
b) population
c) community
d) niche

If a population increases more than the carrying capacity what will happen
a) the species will survive
b) the species will thrive
c) the species will need to move to survive
d) the species will rapidly reproduce

Plants and animals ofter compete for which of the following
a) mates, water, light & space
b) mates, water, & light
c) light, water & space
d) space, mates, & light

Symbiosis is
a) when one plant or animal needs another plant or animal for survival
b) when two plants or animals are dependent on each other for survival
c) when one plant or animal is harmful to another plant or animal
d) all of the above

What is a parasite
a) an organims that provides nutrients to another organism
b) an organims that lives off of another organism
c) none of the above
d) all of the above

Which of these is an example of a parasite
a) tick
b) flower
c) bird
d) dog

Which is a host?
a) A dog with a bone
b) A dog with a tick
c) A dog with a leash
d) A dog with a cat

Plants often compete for
a) food
b) water
c) light
d) all of the above

Which would be found on the lowest level of the food chain
a) an owl
b) a mouse
c) a plant
d) a hawk

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