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This is a program that infects your computer that can be a nuisance and cause serious damage to your computer.
a) trojan
b) hacker
c) virus
d) symantec

This is a program designed to perform functions on a computer without the computer user knowing it's there.
a) trojan
b) firewall
c) hacker
d) virus

This is an internal network consisting of two or more computers connected to each other and accessible only from within the office or organization.
a) Broadband
b) Packet
c) DSL
d) Local Area Network (LAN)

These are the four main types of viruses.
a) boot virus, file virus, macro virus and companion virus
b) infect virus, boot virus, macro virus and friend virus
c) shoe virus, file virus, macro virus and free virus
d) boot virus, format virus, micro virus and companion virus

This is a type of virus that doesn't need to attach itself to a certain file or sector on your hard drive.
a) cookie
b) worm
c) snake
d) character

The Sasser worm which affected more than 200,000 computers in a few days was created by:
a) an 86 year old Japanese man
b) a 12 year old Canadian
c) a group of American high school seniors
d) an 18 year old in Germany

You can get a virus from doing this.
a) downloading a shareware or freeware program
b) opening an infected email attachment
c) purchasing commercial software from a retail store
d) all of the above

Cookies are not inherently evil, but are abused in what way?
a) to assemble profiles of individual users across the web to sell to third parties
b) by crackers protesting government and businesses
c) to delete sections of the hard drive
d) to infect computers with viruses

People create viruses because:
a) money-making purposes
b) distribution of pirated software
c) maliciousness
d) all of the above

In addition to not using children's or pet's names and other personal information to create passwords, it is recommended that you should change your password at least this frequently?
a) Once every 6 months
b) once a week
c) once a month
d) once a year

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