7th Social Studies Review 1 Question Preview (ID: 25883)

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System where guns rum are traded in Africa for slaves; slaves are brought to the Americas; raw materials go back to Europe
a) mercantilism
b) Triangular Trade
c) Columbian Exchange
d) colonialism

Term for anti-jewish feelings and actions; present in Germany pre-WWII
a) total war
b) dictatorship
c) fascism
d) anti-semitism

This type of leadership promotes nationalism, oppresses citizens, limits freedoms, and uses the military to express power
a) democracy
b) constitutional republic
c) fascism
d) constitutional monarchy

Began in the British colony of America in 1775
a) American Revolution
b) World War I
c) French Revolution
d) World War II

Economics thinker who wrote about the benefits of capitalism
a) John Locke
b) Freidrich Engels
c) Karl Marx
d) Adam Smith

Leader of Russia during WWII; worked with both Allies and Axis powers
a) Chamberlain
b) Stalin
c) Hitler
d) Roosevelt

Began between Russia and the U.S. after WWII over the spread of communism
a) The Vietnam War
b) The Korean War
c) The Cold War
d) American Revolution

Formed as an alternative to an alliance after World War II; purpose was to resolve conflicts involving America and select other countries
b) League of Nations
d) Allied Powers

Taking over countries/colonies for economic, political, or social reasons that will expand a countries empire
a) revolution
b) nationalism
c) militarism
d) imperialism

Economic philosopher who supported communism and wrote The Communist Manifesto
a) Adam Smith
b) Thomas Hobbes
c) Jean Jacque Rousseau
d) Karl Marx

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