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In Africa, an effect of topography and climate has been to
a) encourage rapid industrialization of the interior
b) prevent the development of kingdoms
c) promote large-scale trade between African and Asia
d) promote the growth of diverse societies

A topographical map would most likely be used to
a) identify the major agricultural products of Egypt
b) determine the population of Beijing, China
c) estimate the elevation of Bangkok, Thailand
d) count the number of provinces in India

The Russian steppe is most similar in topography to the
a) deserts in the Middle East
b) rainforests in South America
c) savannas in Africa
d) mountains in Switzerland

In addition to providing water for Indian agriculture, the Ganges River remains important to India because it is
a) the only source of Indian hydroelectric power
b) a sacred river for the Hindu population
c) the birthplace of Hindu culture
d) an unofficial boundary between the Hindus and Muslims

One effect that mountain ranges, rain forests, and river systems have had on Latin America has been to
a) encourage cultural diffusion
b) limit the development of transportation and communication system
c) permit the nations of the area to use a single form of government
d) allow the development of large amounts of arable land

Many people in Southeast Asia hope for the timely arrival of the summer monsoons each year because
a) floods are the only way to water their farmlands
b) daily temperatures often reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit
c) little rain has fallen for many months
d) oases provide water for nomadic herders

Which statement best explains why most of the population of the people’s Republic of China live in the eastern third of the nation?
a) best agricultural land is in the East
b) largest forests are in the East
c) best fishing areas are off the eastern coast
d) largest oil deposits are in the East

Which is an accurate statement about Japan’s natural resources?
a) Japan has extensively used the seas for fishing
b) large reserves of petroleum are located in the northern part of Japan
c) Japan has large fertile plains suitable for growing grain
d) large coal and iron-ore deposits are located in the mountain

In Japan, a major economic problem has been the lack of
a) natural resources
b) investment capital
c) skilled labor
d) experienced management

Both Japan and Indonesia are made up of a chain of islands called
a) an archipelago
b) a peninsula
c) delta
d) an atoll

Which generalization about geography of Latin America is accurate?
a) geographic features prevented foreign imperialism
b) harsh climatic conditions have prevented the development of large-scale agriculture
c) the lack of geographic barriers facilitated the development of transportation and communication systems
d) great variations in latitude and landforms resulted in a diversity of climates

Which geographic factor has had the most influence on Poland's historical and cultural development?
a) a severe climate
b) vast deposits of oil
c) location on the great European Plain
d) a rugged coastline

• The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights • Article from Mohandas Gandhi’s Indian Opinion • Excerpt from the letters of Catherine the Great These three documents are considered
a) secondary sources
b) examples of oral traditions
c) primary sources
d) statements of different religious beliefs

Which historical events are in the correct chronological order?
a) Crusades - Renaissance - Neolithic Revolution - Roman Empire
b) Roman Empire - Neolithic Revolution - Crusades - Renaissance
c) Renaissance -Neolithic Revolution - Crusades - Roman Empire
d) Neolithic Revolution - Roman Empire - Crusades - Renaissance

Which document is an example of a primary source?
a) a textbook on Russian history
b) an encyclopedia article on religions of the Middle East
c) a novel on the Age of Exploration
d) the diary of a survivor of a Nazi death camp

The Suez Canal, the Strait of Hormuz, and the Strait of Gibraltar are important because they 1.
a) vent attacks on bordering nations
b) control access to vital trade routes
c) limit Russian access to warm-water points
d) prohibit the movement of ships carrying nuclear weapons

Geographic diversity in the Middle East has contributed to
a) unequal standards of living
b) a common economic system
c) similar political systems
d) military alliances with Japan

The Suez Canal, the Panama Canal, and the Straits of the Dardanelles are similar because they
a) are strategic waterways that have been the center of conflicts
b) was part of the French colonial empire
c) are located in regions that are rich in natural resources
d) prohibit the movement of ships carrying nuclear weapons

One factor that accounted for Chinese influence on traditional Japanese culture was the
a) continuous warfare between the countries
b) geographic location of the countries
c) refusal of western nations to trade with Japan
d) annexation of Japan into the Chinese Empire

Throughout the 1800’s, Russia was interested in acquiring Turkey mainly because Russia wanted
a) to maintain peace in the Middle East
b) access to the Mediterranean Se
c) to reestablish the Byzantine Empire
d) he rich farmland of the Anatolian Plateau

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