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Everything is fine. We _______________ any problems so far.
a) haven´t had
b) didn´t have
c) hadn´t had
d) no have

Mary ___________________ to work yesterday
a) hasn´t gone
b) no go
c) didn´t go
d) hadn´t gone

I´d like to see Nigel again. I haven´t seen him ________________ December.
a) since
b) for
c) by
d) from

Dick and Alice ______________ married for 20 years.
a) got
b) was
c) have been
d) are

Natasha went to Ireland _____________ learn English.
a) for to learn
b) for learning
c) to learning
d) to learn

You just tickets to Italy.
a) I go to Italy.
b) I´m going to go to Italy.
c) I´m going to Italy.
d) I go to Italy.

If it ___________ sunny, I will go to the beach.
a) is
b) be
c) was
d) were

He failed the exam. He _________________ studied.
a) must have
b) may have
c) might have
d) should have

If I had studied, I _____________ passed the exam.
a) would have
b) would
c) would had
d) will

He died of a heart __________
a) pain
b) shock
c) exercise
d) attack

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