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What does the relative location of a place tell you?
a) latitude and longitude
b) where a place is compared to another place
c) urban
d) rural

What two continents are entirely in the Western hemisphere?
a) North and South America
b) Asia and Europe
c) Africa and Asia
d) Australia

What does a map's scale compare?
a) distance
b) distortion
c) location
d) direction

Which of the following will you find on a map that shows physical features?
a) density
b) vegetation
c) climate
d) landforms

Baltimore would be considered urban but Easton would be considered
a) metropolis
b) rural
c) plural society
d) urban, too

What do we call the study of human populations and how they change?
a) demography
b) biodiversity
c) life expectancy
d) human geography

Life expectancy is a measure of which of the following in a population?
a) average age at which people die
b) averages age at which people retire
c) average age at which people become parents
d) average ages at which people start working

Which of the following is an important legacy of British rule in Nigeria?
a) they moved the capital to Lagos
b) cultural conflict within country borders
c) state legal systems based on Islamic law
d) the rapid shrinking of Lake Chad

Most Canadians live in major cities in Southern Canada. Why?
a) favorable climate
b) available jobs
c) available resources
d) all of the above

Which term means the total value of goods and services a country produces in year?
a) consumption
b) per capital income
c) economic activity
d) gross domestic product

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