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Words that mean the opposite
a) analogy
b) antonym
c) analysis
d) analyze

The attitude the writer takes toward an audience, a subject, or a character
a) author's attitude
b) author's purpose
c) compare
d) contrast

The reason an author writes, such as to persuade, inform, or entertain.
a) contrast
b) compare
c) author's purpose
d) author's attitude

To use examples to show how things are alike
a) compare
b) contrast
c) character
d) context clues

To use examples to show how things are different
a) compare
b) character
c) context clues
d) contrast

The reason for an action, feeling, or response
a) effect
b) context clues
c) cause
d) genres

A result of a cause
a) effect
b) cause
c) genres
d) idiom

Information from the surrounding text that helps identify a word or word group
a) genres
b) idioms
c) context clues
d) infer

Catergories of literary and informational works
a) genres
b) idiom
c) infer
d) inference

A phrase or expression whose meaning cannot be understood using the ordinary meanings of the words in it. Figurative language.
a) infer
b) inference
c) idiom
d) genres

To make a guess based on facts and observations
a) inference
b) infer
c) genres
d) idioms

An important idea or conclusion drawn from reasoning rather than directly stated in the text
a) infer
b) inference
c) idiom
d) cause

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