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Which street forms the southern boundary of our school campus?
a) Clinton
b) Palm
c) Yale
d) Chance

In which sport did Hamilton win a championship this year?
a) Basketball
b) Soccer
c) Softball
d) Volleyball

What saying always ends the morning announcements?
a) Make good choices!
b) Rock you like a hurricane!
c) Cane up!
d) YOLO!

What was our school named after?
a) A famous inventor
b) A civil rights leader
c) A founding father
d) The first mayor of Fresno

What is the minimum GPA required to play sports?
a) 1.0
b) 2.0
c) 3.0
d) There's no minimum as long as you don't have N's

Which item is NOT allowed according to the FUSD dress code?
a) sandals with a backstrap
b) pink camouflage pants
c) hats (without a logo) outside
d) cut-off shorts

What is supposed to be the focus of Hamilton's magnet program?
a) science and math
b) art and global cultures
c) music and performing arts
d) physical education

Who is our principal now?
a) Mr. Jones
b) Mrs. Cornwell
c) Mrs. Marquez
d) Mr. Patterson

Who was our principal at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year?
a) Mr. Jones
b) Mrs. Marquez
c) Ms. Nuno
d) Mr. Patterson

Which 8th grader is the last of 8 siblings to attend Hamilton, all with a 4.0 GPA?
a) Jennifer Yang
b) Ronnie Martinez
c) Jeremiah Howell
d) Wilma Tsutsui

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